How to Send Case Updates to Clients/Staff

At this point, you have already created and validated a new case update.  Now it's time to send it to your client contacts and/or your investigative staff.  

  • Note: You cannot send a case update until it has been validated.

If you've just created the update, or are viewing the update in full context, you will see some options like this:


Alternatively, if you are looking at the Updates tab from within a case, you will see a menu bar like this (see below) above each case update.  Again, the update must be validated in order for these options to appear.


To select the recipients for the update, simply click the Send button, as shown above, which will pop up the recipient selector.


To choose a recipient, check the box next to the name of the person you wish to send it to (as shown above).  Each group of recipients is designated by the gray blocks.  To expand a new block, click the name of the group, and the valid recipients will expand so you can choose the contacts inside.

  • Note: With the exception of the Unassigned Staff block, all recipients must be assigned to the case in order to receive case update emails.
  • Tip: If you find yourself selecting the same recipients on every update, consider creating a case update distribution group to speed up delivery.

If you'd like to include a personalized message along with your update, you can do so by entering your note into the Additional Note block of the send update dialog.  By default, this note will appear above the body of the included case update, however this can be customized by including the appropriate template variable into your case update email template.

When you're ready, click the Send button, and the notification will be delivered.

  • Note: Depending on the user's notification preferences, they may or may not receive an actual email.  The notification will always be available from the notifications tab inside that user's profile.

Once the update has been sent, you can click the Show Recipients link in the info block at the bottom of the update (see below) to confirm the delivery. 


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