Changing the Status of a Case

Your case statuses represent the life cycle of a case.  As a case progresses, you will want to move it through each status until it is finally closed.

Note: In order to advance the status of a case, a user must have the permission to "Modify status of cases".

From Case Overview

To advance the case status, navigate to the overview of a case and click the Next button underneath the case status.


Choose the case status you wish to move this case into, and click Change Status.

Note: By default, the next ranked case status will be pre-populated in the drop-down menu.


At this point, the status has been changed, and if that's all you are trying to accomplish, you're done!

Viewing/Editing Case Status Dates

In some situations, you want to see how long a case sat in a particular status.  To do this, simply click the View History link, located just above the case status.


This will present you with the actual dates/times that the statuses were changed, as well as the amount of time the case existed in each status.  If you need to make adjustments to these dates, you can do so by clicking the Edit Dates link at the bottom of the status history.


From Case Preview

Another easy way to change the case status is via the Case Preview window.  The preview window is available from any screen inside of a case, including the case updates, and subjects tabs.  To change the status from one of these screens, click the info icon (case-preview-icon.png), and then click the pencil icon to adjust the status.



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