Submitting Case Expenses

Note: It's important to make sure you've set up your invoice and expense items and your employee price lists before you begin submitting case expenses.  

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The fastest way to submit new expenses from a case is to click the New button, and then select New Expense from the sub-menu.  


Once you are at the new expense form, you can make adjustments to the basic details of the entry; namely the employee, date, and case number.  

Note: If you have enabled tracking categories on your system, you will have the ability to choose the category for this entry here as well.  If there are no active tracking categories, the option to select a tracking category will not be available.

Note: If you have an Event or Task on a case and you want to connect it to a particular expense, you can select it from the "Activity" dropdown menu. 

Tip: A user must have the permission to "Submit Expenses for Others" in order to change the employee on an expense entry.

The expense form is broken up into two sections, one for time, and one for expenses.  The Time section will include all of your expense items that have been setup as an "Hourly Rate" in your settings.  The Expenses section contains any additional expense items, including both fixed and variable rate items.

To add a new time item, simply click the Add More Time button (see below), and select the item.  You will then choose which item you want to submit, as well as the number of hours (or fractions of an hour) worked, and a brief description.  

Note: A user must have the permission to "Edit Staff Price Lists" in order to modify the "Rate" on this form.


After entering the time, the next step is to enter any additional expenses that the employee incurred.  To do this, skip down to the next block on the form and click the Add More Expenses button.  Similar to the time block, you will then choose which item you want to submit, as well as the quantity, and a brief description.  

Note: Again, a user must have the permission to "Edit Staff Price Lists" in order to modify the "Rate" on this form.


Once you have entered both your time and expenses, a summary of the information will be listed below.  You should verify that the number of hours, and the expense totals look right, as these are the numbers that will be submitted for review.


Finally, you have the ability to leave any notes/comments about the expense entry, and optionally upload a scanned image or PDF file containing any receipts that may be relevant to these expenses.


Once you have completed the form, click the Save Expense Entry button to save and post these expenses.  At this point, they will be considered "Awaiting Review", and a manager will be responsible for reviewing and approving the expense entry.

Note: Before saving your expenses, you can optionally check the box to "Create case update after save".  Checking this box will tell the system to redirect you to the new case update form and pre-populate it with any relevant data.


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