Generating an Investigative Report

Before you can generate a new report, make sure you've created your document templates in the settings. Next, ensure that your employees have permission to generate documents by verifying that the appropriate user roles are configured with the permission to Generate Documents on Cases (Document Permissions).

To generate a new document from inside a case (of the appropriate case type), click the New button, and select New Document from the sub-menu.


From the next screen, choose which template you wish to create, and click Generate.  


The system will then prompt you to download the new document to your computer. Once the download completes, you can open the document inside your word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word) to make any changes necessary.

When you are done creating your report, you can attach the new report to a case update, or upload it to the files section of the case.  

Tip: If you are delivering the report to a client, it's always best to save your document as a PDF file (File > Save As > PDF), instead of sending them the raw document.

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