Deleting and Undeleting Cases

Most data stored inside Trackops can be deleted, and if needed, undeleted.  Deleting and undeleting cases is very simple.  Please note, a user must have the permissions to edit and delete cases in order to perform these operations.

Deleting Case(s)

To delete a case, or group of cases, use the case list to search for the cases in question. Next, check the box(es) next to each case that you wish to delete.  Once the proper selections are made, click the Delete button above the check boxes.  You will prompted to confirm your decision.


Undeleting Case(s)

To recover a deleted case, or group of cases, you must first use the Filter select box and filter the case list by Deleted Cases.  Typically the deleted case(s) you are looking for will appear at the top of the list, however you can use the search function to find specific results.  Next, simply check the box(es) next to each case you wish to recover and then click the Undelete button above.  You will be prompted to confirm your decision.   Once you are done, move the filter select box back to None and you will be able to find and access the newly undeleted cas(es).


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