Generating Links to Media/Files

Often times you'd like to share a link to a file or folder full of files with one your clients.  Trackops makes this easy by offering the ability to generate direct links to your files and folders.

To generate a new link, navigate to a case and click the Files tab.  From here, select the file(s) you wish to generate links for and then click Generate Links.  You will be prompted to select an expiration date for the selected links.  


From here, select a date for these links to expire.  You can choose one of the preset choices, or click Custom to enter your own expiration date.  Once you have selected an expiration, click Generate Links.


Note: Expiration dates can be as short as 24 hours, or as long as a year.  Please remember that all links generated through the system must expire in less than a year (the default is one week).

Once the links are generated, you can copy/paste them into other applications, emails, reports, or however you would like to share these files.  


Note: Once you close the generated links window, they will not be able to be recovered again.  Generating links again will create an entirely new set of links.


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