How to Reopen a Case

Reopening cases is a common scenario when working investigations.  Typically, reopens occur when you have worked a job on a specific subject, and you are later tasked to work a second or third job on the same subject.   Instead of having to recreate the entire case from scratch, Trackops offers you the ability to "Reopen" the case, which creates a new instance of the investigation, copies pertinent setup information about the case, and connects previous case instances together as "related cases".

Note 1: In order to reopen a case, all cases in the series must be in a "reopenable" case status, as defined in your case status configuration.

Note 2: You can control what data is copied to new case instances during the reopen process by customizing your case types and/or your subject types.

To re-open a case, navigate to the original case and click the Reopen button in the upper right side of the screen.  


Related Cases

Once the case has been reopened, you will notice that the case series number says the same, but the case series instance will increase by one.  This indicates that the cases are related, and both cases belong to the same sequence.  Its easy to navigate back and forth between related cases by using the Related Cases block on the case overview screen.  For more information on series numbers and instances, learn how to customize the case number format


Related Case Files

After reopening a case, it is a common to refer to previously worked instances of the case for information related to the investigations.  For example, you might require a previous report, claimant photo, or other supporting documents that were added to the previous cases.  You can quickly get access to these files without having to leave your reopened case by viewing Related Case Files, which are located inside the Files tab of the new case.  Uploaded files from each previous instance of the case are contained in special folders, indicated by the case number and a unique icon:


Note: Users will only see related case files if they have the permission to View Related Cases.  In addition, users cannot make changes to files when viewing them from inside a related case.   

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