How do I generate a username and/or password for someone?

In order for someone to access your Trackops system for the first time, you must "invite" them to do so.  The invitation process will generate an email that contains a special link which will allow them to create their own username and password.  

  • Important: To send a login invitation or login instructions, a user must have an email address associated with their profile, and their access level must not be disabled (you can easily update these requirements by editing the user's profile). 

Once you've verified that the user is ready to be invited, simply click the Send Invitation link, located under the "Account Information" section of the user's profile.


If you do not see a Send Invitation link, this likely means that the user does not have access to login, or they have already logged in before.  

If the user has already setup their username and password through the invitation process, you will see the Send Login Instructions link, shown below.  


Once you have sent a login invitation or login instructions, the user will receive an email with further instructions on how to access the system.

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