Migrating a case to a new series

In Trackops, cases are linked together through Related Cases which helps identify similar or previously worked cases about the same topic or claim.  Once in awhile a case needs to be moved to a different series of cases.  This can be the result of an accidental new case when it should've been re-opened, or perhaps the case was received via a case request and should be a part of an existing series of cases.

Trackops offers an easy way to move a case from one series to another through the migration feature.  To do this, simply navigate to the case in question, click Edit, and then click the Migrate Case link in the upper right corner. 

From here, click the Choose Case link and then search for the related case that this case should connected with. 

By default, the case will be disassociated with any existing related cases and only be associated with cases connected to your newly selected related case.  However, you can also optionally check the box(es) next to currently related cases to maintain an association with them. For example, if this case came from a case request, you may wish to merge the case into an existing series of cases but still maintain a relationship with the case request that the case was created from.

Once you have made your selections, click Migrate Case to complete the operation.

At this point, your case will assume the last instance in the new series of cases.  For example, if the current case number is 12345WC-01, and you merge the case into a series containing 67890WC-01 and 67890WC-02, then the current case number will be reassigned to 67890WC-03.




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