Creating a New Employee

To create a new employee in the system, click the Staff tab and then select New Employee from the sub menu. From here complete the form, making sure to select the appropriate user role and access level (see below) for this employee.


Access Levels 

Access Level Can Login? Description
Disabled NO Can be assigned to cases, but cannot login to the system.
Limited Access YES Can login to the system, but limited to viewing/interacting with their own cases.
Full Access YES Can view/interact with any case in the system. 

Once you have chosen an access level, you can choose to "Send Login Invitation", which will generate a login invitation email for this employee.  If this box is checked, you must enter a valid email address in the space listed below.

The next section allows you to include a birthdate for the employee, language, and an internal account code which may be useful for LEDES integrations.

Tags can also be configured on each staff member, which allows you to group certain employees together for teams, departments, regions, or other similar scheduling related groups.


Contact Information


If a valid address is included for the employee, this location will populate on the case map. In addition, the employee location can be used with the Trackops Recommendation Engine to find employees that are near your case locations. 

Work Preferences 


Designating work preferences for the employee for both case services and case regions allows the recommendation engine to boost this employee's rating when assigning a related event. 

You can also opt to track the employee's last location which will provide geo-coordinates of this employee's actual location periodically as he/she uses the Trackops Mobile App on their device. 


If you would like to upload a photo of this user, you can browse for it here.  The system will only accept images in .jpg, .gif, and .png formats.

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