Transcribing Audio and Video Files

Automated Transcriptions

Trackops offers an easy to use file transcription service that will transcribe audio from certain types of audio and video files using automated speech recognition technology. The following file formats are available for automatic file transcription:

  • M4A (audio/mp4)
  • MP3 (audio/mpeg)
  • MP4 (video/mp4)
  • WAV (audio/wav) - Recommended Format

For best results, use a lossless format (e.g. WAV) files. In addition, use a sample rate of 8000 Hz for telephone audio.

Please note, automated transcriptions are not a direct substitute for human transcriptions and will likely require additional editing once the transcript is generated.

To generate a transcript, click on the name of the file to access the file's overview page and then click New > New Transcript in the upper right corner.  From here, make your selections and submit the form to complete the process. 

  • Speakers - The list of speakers that appear in the recording.  Be sure to list speaker labels one per line and in the order that they first speak. The transcription service will tag each paragraph or change in speaker with the appropriate speaker label based on their voice.
  • Include speaking times - When selected, the system will automatically tag paragraphs or changes in speakers with a start time (in HH:MM:SS format) to easily identify where the block of spoken text is located within the recording.
  • Highlight low confidence transcriptions - Depending on the clarity of the words in the recording, the transcription service may sometimes have trouble understanding the speaker. When this box is checked, the system will highlight words that have a low confidence score.  

Note: A longer file (in terms of time) will require more time for the transcription to complete.

Manual Transcriptions

In the event that your file is not a supported file type, or you prefer to create your transcripts outside of the system, you can easily add a transcript to any file in the system.  To do so, click on the name of the file to access the file's overview page and then click Edit > Transcript in the upper right corner.  

From here, simply paste your transcript and save the form.  Your transcript will now be associated with this file.

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