Managing Item Codes for your Expenses and Invoices

If your billing process requires advanced line-item level categorization or you integrate your invoices with LEDES, you may benefit from setting up item codes for your expenses and invoices.

Item codes work similar to LEDES task codes, where you create a pre-defined set of classification codes that can be applied to any expense entry or invoice line item.

Note: Converting expenses into invoices will automatically copy over the associated item code.

Creating an Item Code

To create a new item code, click Settings and then click Item Codes.

  • Code - The code you wish to create.  When integrating with LEDES, this code should represent a valid UTBMS task code. Otherwise, you may enter any code that you deem appropriate for categorization purposes.
  • Name - The label associated with this code.  This label will assist staff in choosing the right code.
  • Description - An internal description of what this code is to be used for.
  • Reference ID - An optional reference number or external ID that can be used for mapping this item code with item codes in other systems.

Using Item Codes with Expense Entries

Once you've created at least one item code, you can now optionally use them when entering your time and expenses.  To test, create a new expense entry and add a line (either time or expenses).  You'll now see a column named "Code" next to each line item you enter, allowing you to optionally select one of your pre-defined item codes.

When billing through the Billing tab of a case, any item codes associated with expense entries will automatically be applied to the corresponding invoice line items that are created (if applicable).

Using Item Codes with Invoice Line Items

Assuming you have at least one item code available, you can optionally associate a code on any line item when creating or editing an invoice.

Once you have applied item codes to the line items on your invoice, you can export a LEDES compatible invoice, and your item codes will appear as Task Codes on the line items of those invoices.

In addition, you'll now be able to gather statistics on certain codes using the Sales by Line Item report, located on the Reports tab. 

Displaying Item Codes on Invoices

By default, the system is configured to capture invoice codes while creating or editing an invoice, but it is not configured to display the item code on the printed invoice itself.  Please note, this display configuration does not affect LEDES exports, item codes will always be included in these types of exports, regardless of this setting.

To enable the display of item codes on your invoices, click to Settings > General Finance Settings. From here, locate the Show Item Codes setting.  Toggling this setting will enable or disable item codes from appearing on your client-facing invoices.

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