Setting up Folder Templates

If you find yourself creating the same folders on every case to better organize your media files, then folder templates are for you! Creating folder templates is an easy way to reduce the repetitive task of creating the same default folders in every case. 

To get started, simply head to Settings, and then click Folder Templates.  Once you're here, click New Folder Template to create a new folder template.

  • Name - The name of the folder as you wish it to appear on the new case.
  • Access Group - Choose the access group that this folder will be created in.
  • Notes - Optionally add any default notes or a description for this folder.

Finally, select which case types these default folders should be created on.  Once you've finished, click Save and you're done!  Now, whenever you create a case in one of the selected case types, your pre-defined folders will automatically be generated for you.

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