Speeding Up Delivery with Case Update Distribution Groups

When communicating with your clients, it is often the situation to be tasked with copying multiple recipients on those communications.  Often times, there are specific individuals that should be included on these messages and it can be confusing and burdensome to manage.

Trackops offers Case Update Distribution Groups to solve this problem.  Customers can configure as many groups as necessary, either for the system as a whole or for specific clients.  

To get started, head to Settings, and then click Case Update Distribution Groups.  From here, click New Distribution Group to add a new group.

  •  Name - A short name that is easy to identify in a list.
  • Client - Optionally select a client that this group will be available for.  If no client is selected, it will be available when sending updates to any client.
  • Description - A brief description of what this group is used for. This is only available in the settings for reference.
  • Include Primary Contact - Includes the primary client contact on the case.
  • Include Primary Manager - Includes the primary case manager on the case, if assigned.
  • Include Primary Investigator - Includes the primary investigator on the case, if assigned.
  • Include Primary Salesperson - Includes the primary salesperson on the case, if assigned. (Only Available on the Premium Plan).

Adding Additional Recipients

In the event you need specific recipients to be included when sending an update using this distribution group, you can select as many additional recipients as necessary. 

To add an additional recipient, click the Add Recipient button and simply start typing the name of the person you'd like to include.  The system will auto complete your search and you'll be given a list of users to select from.

Important Note: If one or more of the selected recipients is not available on the case, they will not be included when sending the update, even if configured to do so.

Using a Distribution Group When Sending A Case Update

After you've successfully created at least one distribution group, a new section will appear when sending a case update called Distribution Groups. When choosing an available distribution group, the system will automatically select the associated users and they will be displayed on the send dialog, just like they would appear if they were all selected individually.

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