How can I confirm investigators receive their assignments?

Once you've assigned an investigator to a case, the system sends a new Case Assignment Notice to the investigator's email address.  By default, this is the only means of alerting an investigator that they have been assigned to a case. 

Assignment Confirmations

If you'd like to make sure your investigators have accepted the assignment and are prepared to work, consider enabling case assignment confirmations.  This handy feature prompts investigators to confirm the receipt of their assignments, which then updates the system with the date and time of the confirmation. Using confirmations allows managers to verify that investigators are aware of their case assignments and are prepared to work, which can eliminate the need for follow-up emails or phone calls.

Assignment Confirmations via Email

When confirmation assignments are enabled, the Case Assignment Notice email will contain a link inside for the staff member to click and verify the receipt and acknowledgment of their assignment.  Once the staff member clicks the link and confirms the assignment, the time/date of their confirmation will be recorded on the Assigned tab of the case.

Assignment Confirmations via Case Overview

When a staff member is assigned to a case and access the case for the first them, they will receive a notice at the top of the overview instructing them to confirm their assignment.  The confirmation screen will allow them to review any applicable case policies before confirming and acknowledging the assignment.  The time/date of their confirmation will be recorded on the Assigned tab of the case.

Auditing Assignment Confirmations

Auditing of assignment confirmations can be done via the Assigned tab on any case, or en masse via the Case Assignment Audit report.

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