Downloading a Zip of Case Files

Some cases may contain several smaller media files, which makes archiving them one by one a bit tedious.  Trackops offers a convenient way to download a zip file containing some/all of these files at once.  

Note: If your goal is to share a large number of files with a client, consider sharing a link to a folder instead. This will make the sharing process easier and more secure than sending them a zip file.

To generate a zip file of your case files, navigate to a case and click the Files tab.  From here, check the boxes next to the files you wish to download, and then click Zip Selected Files.  The system will compile these files into a zip archive and prompt you to download it.

Note: A download zip file must contain at least 2 files, and the cumulative size of the selected files must be be below 1 Gigabyte (1000 MB).  

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