End of Year Reporting

At the end of every year, businesses often require a set of reports to satisfy the needs of accountants, sales managers, and C-level executives. These reports include total sales, top sales by sales person, total profitability, etc... These metrics and more can be generated in and exported out of Trackops via the Reports tab. 

Popular Reports for End of Year Reporting

Sales Reports

  • Sales Distribution - This report can be used to determine a breakdown of total sales across numerous criteria including by salesperson or by client state/province. Read More 
  • Sales Trend Detail - This report can be used to determine sales trends across a variety of criteria including by client. With this report you are able to identify trends in your sales which can then be used to predict future sales within the specified criteria. Read More

Expense Reports 

  • Expense Distribution - This report offers you the ability to view total expenses in the system across a variety of criteria including by staff member or by expense item. For instance, if your accountant wants to see expense totals for single items such as Mileage, this report can give you that. Read More
  • Expense Detail - This report offers more detailed information regarding total expenses in the system by staff member. Read More

Profitability Reports

  • Profit Distribution - This report compares your expenses (amount you reimbursed employees) to your invoices (amount you billed clients) by a number of criteria, including profit by client, investigator, or salesperson. Read More
  • Case Distribution - This report can be used to aggregate case counts as well as case budgets based off a variety of criteria including by case type or by client. So for instance if you want to see your case load distribution across your various case types to see which type of case (e.g. Workers Comp) makes up the bulk of your case work, you can do that within this report. Read More


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