Using the Investigator Recommendation Engine

When assigning an investigator to a case, task, or event, it is beneficial to see which of your staff are the most qualified, or in the nearest to the case.  Trackops offers an investigator recommendation engine that takes into account a number of criteria and will rank your investigators to help you select the most qualified investigator.

Recommending Investigators from a Case

While assigning an investigator from a case (either via the case overview or via the Assigned tab, click the Recommend link to get recommendations for the best qualified investigators.  The system will take into account any address style fields on the case or the subject when determining nearby investigators.

Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 9.45.58 AM.png

Recommending Investigators from a Task or Event

While creating a new task or event, click the Recommend link next to the assignment section and the system will provide a list of the best qualified investigators to work the activity based on a variety of scheduling criteria. 

Note: Recommendations are based on the entered event information. Be sure you have filled out as much information as possible in the new event form before looking for recommendations.


Reviewing and Using Investigator Recommendations

Once you've reviewed the list of candidates, click the investigator's name to assign them to the case or event.


To better understand the above illustration, please review the below scheduling criteria:

Criteria Description
Case Service Qualified to work the associated case service(s)
Case Region Availability to work in the associated case region
Licensed Has a valid license in the state associated with the provided address
Preferred Investigator Part of the associated case client's preferred investigator panel
Home Address Approximate distance from the investigator's home address to provided address
Last Location Approximate distance from the investigator's last known location to provided address
Scheduled Hours Total scheduled hours for the week of the event date or the current week
Scheduled All-Days Total scheduled all-day activities for the week of the event date or the current week
Expensed Hours Total number of hours already expensed for the week of the event date or the current week

Note: The above criteria may or may not be available based on your Trackops Subscription and/or

After the user has been selected you can save the assignment as usual and the investigator will be notified (if selected) of their assignment.

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